The Band

John Jeff Touch Band (ex- First Touch) is formed to perform and bring the unique sound, energy and atmosphere of JJT's music to the audience. Some of the finest musicians of Greece unite their forces with one goal, to hit the stage and make you feel the vibes of JJT music .Their next step is to record material of their own and rock your world!

John Jeff Touch- Vox/ Ac. Guitars/Keys : Rock Singer/ Songwriter Producer. Winner of various European Artists Awards and collaborations with bands such as Deep Purple, VISION, S.I.N., Cosmicray, Sanny X, Star.Gate etc) is one of the most promising singers /songwriters of Europe.
Music producer and Co-Founder of WA Records

Dimitris Koromilas - Guitars : One of the most melodic guitarists. Influenced by bands such as Marillion , Rush,Yes etc.He participated in many bands and projects as a lead guitarist and also he is about to release his own material during 2017-18.

• Kostas Domenikiotis – Bass: The bass virtuoso .
In April of 1999 he was featured in the pages of the American magazine BASS PLAYER as part of their scouting report. Member of UTHULL, STAR.GATE.
He also supported and played with great artists such as Paul Gilbert (MR.BIG), Vinnie Moore (UFO), Jeff Scott Soto, Uli Jon Roth and Eric Martin.
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Stelios Sioulas – Drums: The monster of Rhythm & Groove. One of the best Prog/Rock drummers of Greece. Played in many albums and bands such as Star.Gate. He is also original the drummer of the 3rd John Jeff Touch's album "Burn" 


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